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Congressional Cup Weekend is one of the longest running baton twirling xcompetition and the longest multi-organization competition in the country.  We are proud to include athletes from the National Baton Twirling Association, United States Twirling Association, Canadian Baton Twirling Federation, and Canadian National Baton Twirling Association. This weekend consist of three different events... the open Tournament, Clinic and the Invitational. 

The Tournament, in which anyone can compete, has been a fixture on the twirling scene for almost 40 years.  Twirlers of all levels and ability have flocked to this competition to compete with the best of the best.   The finals of the tournament are always amazing to watch and have often been called a mini-nationals.  We are excited to have recently added team and an all-round event! 

The Invitational is one of the most prestigious competition in North America and only the elite of the elite are asked to compete in this event. Most of the athletes competing in this competition are current and former national champions.  All of our Invitational Champions, as well as most of our finalists, have gone on to win National and World titles. Countless twirlers have stated that winning Congressional Cup would be a dream come true!  See Michelle Widener talk about Congressional Cup below...


The Clinic has always attracted the best coaches and instructors from around the country and Canada.  These top instructors are always so excited to share their talent and abilities with you!   Make sure you don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

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Q: What is the difference between the Tournament and the Invitational?
A: The Tournament, held on sat, is open to anyone who wants to compete regardless of level and ability.  The Invitational is by invite only and only elite twirlers compete.

Q: How do you qualify for the Congressional Cup Invitational?
A: Athletes must compete in solo, strut or freestyle, and two baton in order to be considered for the Invitational. Once it is determined which athletes qualified a point system is applied based on the results of their national championships.  Athletes from the 4 organizations, and from Junior and Senior divisions, are then selected, based on their point totals, to compete.

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